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    Ingredients: Ingredients: White Horehound, Tepozán Seed, Papaya Leaf Tejocote.
    Bottle with 30 tablets of 1 g c / u.
    How to use:
    Take one tablet at night.
    Neopilcaps should not be taken by children under 18 years old or as long as the doctor detects a problem with obesity. Pregnant women,or women that are breastfeeding should avoid taking them.
    Additional Information: Our tablets are made from 100% natural herbs mixture.
    Excellent aid in the control of moderate obesity and extreme obesity, aids digestion by helping the body to better digest carbohydrates, proteins, and mainly, fats, allowing an adequate bowel cleansing and defatting result in the digestive process. when our organism works properly this allows all systems to work properly,and this is the reason that Neopilcaps does not conflict with any medical condition or interfere with any medications.

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    Ingredients: Ingredients:Horehound White, Tepozán, Seed Papaya, Leaf Tejocote, Root of Lima, and Lemon grass

    Presentation:Bottle with 60 tablets of  1g each.
    Take one capsule before breakfast and again before dinner.
    Neopil PLUS should not be taken by children under 18 years, pregnant women,or women who are breastfeeding.
    Additional Information:
    Unique combination of substances extracted from special plants 100% natural to help lose weight, because it prevents the fats in the body are fixed.
    Lowers cholesterol in the blood and helps the proper functioning of the circulatory system prevents colitis, gastritis and constipation.
    Giving a bonus to the improvement and proper functioning of your body with the best mix of herbs.

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