1. Does it contain any chemicals that will alter my health?

NO. It’s 100% natural. Its made of an extraordinary blend of natural herbs.

2. Can I can take it even if I’m under medical treatment or any other medications?

Its recomendable to consult your doctor. Not all organisms are the same. With experiences gained from past cases, there hasn’t been any problems at all, but its always preferable that you follow the advice of a professional.

3. Do I need to diet while using Neopil products ?

Not necessarily. Neopilcaps is a nutritional supplement with which you do not need to do any kind of diet. If you want to diet, go ahead, this will not interfere with our Neopil products. In fact, dieting will increase the chance of faster results.

4. Can my kids also take Neopilcaps?

It is recommendable for children and young adults with high rates of obesity. In some cases, the recommendable dose should be less than that recommended for adults. It is also recommended to consult your physician to obtain the proper authorization.

5. Why does Neopilcaps box says that it’s only for 18 years or older?

This regulation was established by the health dept and this instruction should be placed on every Dietary Supplements.

6. How long should I wait to start seeing the expected results?

Depends on the metabolism of each person, but on average time, it was found that at the most it should be at least 3 months for the pills to start acting.

7. Is this a product to lose weight quickly?

NO, it should be on a period of time.

8. What kind of symptoms or reactions do you get when taking this product?

The first thing you will feel is the urgency to go to the bathroom several time to evacuate, and will be in a mild and liquidy way. This is normal! This is to clean off your intestines from fat and other impurities. The most important thing is to keep drinking water, preferably half a liter per day.

9.Does Neopil affect the nervous system?

The answer is NO, the product acts on the body’s fat deposits, accelerating its mobilization, it passes through the bloodstreams and cleanses the liver and kidney. None of its components will act upon the nervous system.

10. Does Neopil make your appetite go away?

No, as we pointed out before, the product acts on fatty deposits, removing and disposing them.

11. What benefits will I get from comsuming NEOPIL?

Its a natural supplement, no chemicals added.Its a non-toxic product. Besides losing weight, you will experience other benefits: a laxative effect, reduces cellulite, improves the consistency of hair, nails. Its main effect is to lose weight and reduce sizes.

12. Will I get rid of cellulite with NEOPIL?

The promotion of our product is to lose weight, however we’ve received evidence from young women, who have observed a significantly decreased in their cellulite.

13. I have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, Can I still take the NEOPILCAPS?

YES, the product is going to provide benefits especially if your blood pressure is associated with overweight or obese.

14. Can I combine NEOPILCaps with My Highblood pressure medication?

yes, Neopil has a herbal component that does not interact with this medication for highblood pressure. However we recommend you that you consult your doctor.

15. I suffer from Diabetes Mellitus , Can I still take NEOPILCAPS?

Consult your doctor before taking this or any other product.

16. Neopil and Thyroids. What is the effect of Neopil if I suffer from Thyroids?
The thyroid gland controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones. When the thyroid gland is malfunction, it can affect in two ways; hyperfunction (hyperthyroidism) or underactive (hypothyroidism). When people have hypothyroidism tend to gain weight significantly as well as other disorders. NEOPIL does not produce any effects in this case. So you have to see doctor to start an appropriate medical treatment, and once you’ve started then ask your doctor IF you can take Neopil, but only until then.

17. Can I take NEOPILcaps if i have Liver problems? What is the effect of Neopilcaps on the liver?

Toxicological studies have been conducted to test NEOPILcaps. It was determined that there is no toxic- elements in our product. Indirectly and temporarily, fat mobilization is taking neopil, causes the fat to pass into the bloodstream and thus through different organs in the body including the liver, which acts as a filter, as you lose fat, it also reduces the amount of fat that passes through the liver, so if there is a disorder that is transient.

18. Do I need to start a diet while taking Neopilcaps?

Absolutely not. This is the wonder of Neopilcaps, you can still eat your favorite food and still lose weight!

19. What if I want to go on a diet anyway?

No need to, but you can do it – you will get results much faster. If you want to diet, there are many options on the market. We recommend This DIET “The Zone DIet” from ​​Dr. Barry Sears, combined with NEOPIL and will give you spectacular results.

20. Should I drink water?

Of course you should drink water at least half a liter everyday. Avoid artificial sodas. Preferably drink natural juices.

21. Should I exercise?

It is not necessary, this is the wonder of NEOPILCAPS, without dieting without exercise, without rebound. If you want to exercise, do it in a mild to moderate preference, preferably walking: 35 minutes if you are male, or 45 minutes if you are female. We recommend that you avoid doing weights or do some similar of while taking Neopilcaps. This makes your muscles grow, and remember that muscle weighs too much and then you will get the impression that you are not losing weight at all.

22. How long should wait to obtain the results wanted?

It depends on the metabolism of each person and therefore the results can vary from person to person. We have testimonies of up to 6 kilos in two weeks, but the average is 2 kilos per month and average size per month. It’s not a magic formula.You must have patience.

23. For how long should I take NEOPILCAPS?

You will have to continue taking Neopilcaps as often as you need to, and this is to see the desired results. the consumption time can vary from one person to another. Some people take it for a year and half taking without any observed undesirable effects. Some people do it intermittently.

24. What are the side effects of this product?

You will often feel the need to evacute urgently, but it will be smooth most of the time, sometimes it will be in liquidly form. Usually no more than three times a day. This is because the intestine is being cleansed of impurities and fat is being removed. Therefore it is important to keep drinking enough water, at least a liter and a half a day.

25. If I have body aches from my perineum, arms, stomach, breasts. Is this normal?

These side effects can be observed especially in young women. This is due to the mobilization of the fatty glands that have been accumulating in our body for a long time. In these people you will see the maximum benefit of weight lose and reduction in body sizes. This is a transitory effect and will disappear in two or three weeks. If the discomfort continues as to become so intense, you can consume non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or pain medications, under prescription provided by your doctor or contact us via our website.

26. What are the results seen with the intake we of this product?

Results vary from person to person, some have fallen to 6 kilos in two weeks, another 10 kilos in a month. We have testimonies of 20 kilos in a year other than 40 kilos in 8 months. Results vary, but always positive. While eating low, without exercise, without rebound.

27. Is there any rebound effect with Neopilcaps?

No, our testimonials prove it, it is clear that you will lose weight if you keep healthy eating habits. Your results will be more permanent.

28. I’m pregnant. Can I still take Neopilcaps?

NO. Neopil acts in places where the fat is stored in our bodies. This could consume the fat that our body has as reserves.

29. I’m breastfeeding. Can I take Neopilcaps?

NO, because NEOPIL can be eliminated through breast milk. Neopil acts in places where the fat is stored in our bodies.This could consume the fat that our body has as reserves. We do not recommend its use until you have stopped breastfeeding.

30. What is food irradiation?

It is a method of preserving food or products through the use of ionizing energy (radiation), this being an alternative that is used to ensure the sterility of products, foods, medicines, surgical or medical, etc.., Protect the quality and them before they reach the consumer. There are other techniques such as cooking, heating or canning, chemical treatments and pasteurization vapor.La Food irradiation is combined with these techniques.

31. Why irradiated food or its derived compounds?

Irradiation is used in food processing for several reasons: it reduces bacterial contamination, lowering the level of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli 0157: H7, Salmonella, Campylobacter and others, and parasites that cause disease and can be found in food as such or as eggs. Prevents food deteriorod and by reducing the bacterial load in them, which is the cause of deterioration, which means it kills bacteria, fungi, prevents and controls fermetación infestation by insects and parasites. Increases shelf life.

32. More information about irradiation?


33. Do you have evidence which supports findings this product?

Yes, we have many testimonials, some on the page www.neopilcaps.com And soon we will have more!

34. Where I can buy Neopil products?

With authorized distributors, which are listed some of them on Page www.neopilcaps.com or on the same page there is the option of shopping online.

35. How I can become an Authorized Distributor?

There are Leader Distributors throughout the city. Fill the form with your personal information and be sure to write down the city where you live, and wil refer you with any of them.

36. How can I become into an Authorized Dealer?

Contact us through the website or directly at our offices where we’ll gladly assist you by phone: 0181 8129 5694, 01800 8383 550

37.Is the product registered with the health Authority in Mexico?
Yes, of course it is, the registration number is 001,113 to COFREPRIS ?

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